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Thursday, 5 April 2007

British Blogs

I only set this blog up very recently so I am pretty much a beginner in the world of blogging. Still, one has to start somewhere.

I've tried to compile a list of as many other disability related blogs as I could and I must say how surprised I am at the amount of quality British blogs out there in electronic space. I just imagined that the world of blogging would be taken over with American bloggers (nothing against our cousins from over the pond) but this just isn't the case.

So many to read, so many interesting stories, guess I am going to be busy!!


Madmarky :-) said...

Hiya Phil have added link to your blog to North East Home Page :-) well eventually after about the 3rd attempt it has stayed there lol, hopefully ebay wont take a dislike yto it lol, like they have to posting, limited to postin only every 30 Seconds grr lol.

Philip said...

Cheers mark!!!