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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

I wish they had invented a miracle cream to grow back legs

It's a particularly nice spring day up here in the north east of England -the sun is shining and there are very few clouds around. All in all, just the type of day to go for a walk in the countryside.

Trouble is, I have the bottom half of my right leg missing which makes walking not too easy at all. It would be possible if I had a prosthetic, but seeing as my quads are dead and I can't lock my knee, it's not really not possible to have one made.

So, I won't be going walking but may have a wheel around my local park in my wheelchair - not the same as a good stroll but still pretty nice on a day like this :-)

Please someone, invent the magic cream for us poor old one-legged disabled people!!


Joyce said...


This is from Joyce of You're Able. I guess last night when I posted a comment it was actually on one of the links on your right menu to another bloggers site, and to not an article on your own site as I thought I had done, sorry.

Maybe you have already told everyone the answer to this question, but since I am new, I have to ask--how did you mysteriously lose your leg? I mean usually one does notice why and when one of their legs is no longer there. When you state, "mysteriously lost" your leg it makes me think that someone like Sherlock or Agatha Christie could solve the mystery of where your leg disappeared to.

My friend Joanne lost her leg too, but there was no mystery about it, her husband was mad and drunk and he purposely ran into her with his car, pinning her between the car and the front porch of their home, which crushed her leg.

Philip. said...

Joyce, Hi :-)

Firstly, the way Joanne lost her leg sounds terrible, in fact disgraceful and I hope he got locked up for it!!

Unfortunately, there really isn't a mystery as to how I lost my leg, I just thought it would make the blog title look more interesting :-)

I had a brain hemorrhage in 2003 and spent 8 months in hospital where I developed a DVT. This caused a lot of swelling to my leg and poor circulation. I developed pressure sores to my right foot and, when I left hospital, spent two years trying to heal them. They didn't, so in Nov 2006 I had an elective below-knee amputation :-(

Still, life goes on :-)

take care,