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Monday, 2 April 2007

My movements today

Nothing exciting is happening in my world today apart from the usual thrills and spills of sitting under a computer desk. However, I've got the rest of the week off work and am looking forward to a couple of nice days out, one of them, perhaps, to the Yorkshire Dales.

Before I lost became disabled (some four years ago), I spent most of my working life travelling around the Dales, climbing up and down bridges for a living (exciting eh!). For obvious reasons I can't do it anymore as wheelchair abseiling isn't yet a national sport!

Still, I look forward to visiting old haunts but fear I may be a little disappointed when I see how inaccessible small villages actually are.

Fingers crossed that the wether will be good :-)


Philip said...

Well, the weather was poor so we didn't go.

However, today is much nicer, so it's time to polish of the wheelchair wheels ans get out and about.

See you soon :-)

Philip said...

What a great day meandering around the Yorkshire Dales - surely some of the finest scenery in the land.

Great weather, great landscapes, great fun.

Loved it.

Now, if only I had two legs to be able to walk up the hills..........