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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

My thoughts regarding wheelchairs

I only started using a wheelchair about three years ago, before then I was as able bodied as the next man (or woman) (best be PC).

After suffering a brain hemorrhage I lost the use of my right leg and had to find other ways of getting around other than hopping (if you seen my photo, you'll see I am not light, so hopping wasn't an option).

So, I now use crutches for very short distances and a wheelchair for the rest of the time.

There's a lot of debate around that using a chair is defeatist - meaning that you have let your disability get the better of you. Well, I don't subscribe to that for one minute!! To me, using a wheelchair is a way to beat my disability, to get to places where I now couldn't go.

It's an empowering tool, ok, frustrating at times especially when you are on soft ground, but with the necessary planning there are lots of places your wheelchair can take you.

So, big up the wheelchair, let's not put this essential piece of kit down and let's go out and enjoy ourselves!


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