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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

What do you have to do to prove you are disabled????

Some people don't seem to have the sense they were born with........


A man with no legs was asked to prove he was disabled before being allowed on to a bus in Manchester.

Double amputee Brian Callaghan, 60, was asked for his disabled pass entitling him to free travel, while boarding the number 17 First bus to Middleton..............

Crazy, crazy, crazy!!


Ruth said...

This is crazy but as we know - sadly - all kinds of wacky things go on regarding disability. Thanks for the link - helped me find your blog and will be giving you a link over at Wheelie Catholic.

Philip said...

Thanks for the reciprocal link Ruth :-)

lrcamargo said...

yeah this happened to me too in San Jose, California. One bus driver, before I paid, asked me for a 'disabled pass'. i was shocked - i mean, i'm not mooching off of a friend's wheelchair just to get $1 off the regular fare. geez. He scoffed, and shook his head, telling me to get my pass next time.

later that day
I got on the bus to go home, this time with some trepidation. It was a different driver. This bus driver welcomed me on, then I asked him if I needed a pass, to which he, surprised, said no. I told him the story about the morning's ignorant bus driver, to which he said, "Well, he's STUPID!"


Philip said...

So, this happens all over the world - nothing surprises me anymore!