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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Wheelchair Rocker

I went to see Deep Purple last night who were supported by Styx and Thin Lizzy.

I have to say that it was one of the best gigs I have ever been to in my life!!!!!!(too many exclamations? - no!!)

For me, Styx stole the show - they were fantastic. Purple and Lizzy were brilliant but Styx were better!

It's the first time me and my wheelchair have been to a gig by ourselves but I had no problems at all at the Newcastle Telewest Arena. The staff were great and it's very accessible.

Back to the gig. The only shame to me was that I couldn't be at the front, but still, I was close enough.



dirk said...

Deep Purple and Styx.I likeeeee...

Philip. said...

Dirk - they were bloody brilliant!!

Craig J. Phillips said...

Wow. You are from my generation. Smoke on the Water. Deep Purple was quite a band. Have they lost a following?

Philip. said...

The gig was pretty full. I think they still have one hell of a following!

Rock boy said...

Thin Lizzy are a fine group. Not the same withour Phil L., but still a proper rock group.

I wish I had gone.

Philip. said...

Hi Rock Boy,

I'll admit that Phil was the man but the current line up are pretty good :-)