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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Table Handcycle

Those of you who have glanced up at my picture may have come to the conclusion that I need to loose a few pounds.

Back in the good old days when I had two legs, I could easily exercise. One of the best ways of doing this for me was walking. For obvious reasons, I can't do this anymore.

So, I have been looking at getting a table mounted hand cycle such as the one shown in the picture.

Trouble is, I can only find them in the USA.

So, if anyone can help me out by pointing me as to where I can buy one here in the UK, I would be most grateful.


1 comment:

Philip. said...

Regarding loosing weight:

I've been on a diet for a week now and have lost 3 pounds - only millions to go!!

I'm missing the nice foods in life - chips, pies, pizza, cakes etc. Lettuce just isn't the same.

Please tell me it gets easier!