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Friday, 15 June 2007

Adsense on my website and blogs

Someone emailed me saying I was making money off the back of my disability through the use of adsense on my website and blogs.

Well, I'm not!!! OK, I set up a lot, but they hardly bring in a fortune!

I use the money I raise (not a lot, may I say) to pay for the site fees and to promote my site in hospitals and the like (posters and cards) in the hope that other disabled people find it useful.

I hope everyone else who reads my blog and looks at myself doesn't think the same - i.e. I proffit 'cos I am disabled :-(

Glad to have got that off my chest!


Plump Pigeon said...

sod 'em! Even if you were profitting from your disability, surely thats your business and no one else's? people profit from their looks by being models, etc, so if you want to put adsense on ur blog, who is to say you can't? everyone else can. *grumbles at emailer*

fluttertongue said...

Hey Philip - thanks for linking me. There's no problem with you having Adsense: it's very easy to ignore, and as you say, not bringing in a fortune! What comes across from your blog is that you're far more than a one-legged man. Carry on the good work - and I hope you're doing your share of the ironing...

Snoskred said...

I just posted on the topic of ads and blogs today actually.

You know what? If someone emailed you that, they've got a lot of spare time on their hands and should be ashamed of themselves. You're doing good things for disabled people from what I can see of your blog. ;)

Graham said...

Flash him the bird,
Let him take you to court,
He hasn't a leg to stand on.
Graham Slater

stacey said...

silly people! even if you DID make some money off the ads, that's not proff'in off your disability but rather all the effort you put in your website!

Philip. said...

Thanks Stacey :-)

Anonymous said...

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