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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Disabled Parking Demonstration - Out the Able-Bodied, Feeble-Minded

This is worth checking out!!

Disabled Parking Demonstration - Out the Able-Bodied, Feeble-Minded

We want to inform you about a peaceful demo that’s about to take place (20 June, central London location rife with offenders) that’s happening to SHOW-UP and SHAME all of those arrogant drivers that think it’s OK to park in disabled bays without a blue badge, and to stop them doing it, once and for all.

This is a small minority of SELFISH people, and it’s about time someone made a noise about it. Whether you know someone who has a blue badge, are a holder yourself… or it simply gets right up your nose – all welcome.

We, Seabrook, has joined forces with a niche group of London based protesters who have alerted us to their intentions to try and get some attention from the media and the public on this disgraceful practice. They saw our TV adverts, liked what we stand for, and asked for our help.

The War on Error Has Begun…”you’re in the wrong space, mate”.

We’re a brand that feels strongly about speaking out – in fact, our strapline is A Right Proper Gobful - so this puts us in a perfect position to support and add our weight to the protest to make it as attention grabbing as possible.

We have a dialogue with the public, and we can say, with authority, that one of the nations major bugbears is people taking-up blue badge holder spaces – when they shouldn’t be!

What do you think? Is it about time the able-bodied, feeble-minded be called into question?? Do you feel as passionate about this as us???

Let us know. Even better, join us in our protest in London on 20th June, in Soho Square, 11am. Call Jane, now, on 07920 047 081 for more info on the demo and materials.

Jane Worsdall
PR Senior Account Executive
Revolver (Part of the Propaganda Group)


laughingattheslut said...

Totally not getting what is going to be done about these people. Are you going to egg their cars or something?
Don't people get tickets for parking in the spaces without a license? That's what happens here, sometimes unfairly, and once my mom had to pay a fine for parking in a space that wasn't properly marked. She thought the space next to hers was the handicapped one, since it was closer to the door. They said that they were both handicapped spaces, but there was only space marked, and only one sign.

You would think with all the cell phones out there and all the cameras on the cell phones, that even if a cop didn't just happen by that most of the offenders would still get tickets and this wouldn't happen much anymore.

I've gotten rides from people who had the permits and parked in the spaces, but should not have parked in the spaces at that time. I'm not handicapped, and neither was the person driving. The handicapped person was at home. But the driver totally didn't think anything of parking in the space without the handicapped person.

Another time we were doing tourist stuff in California with one of my in-laws. She parked in the handicapped space without the person who was handicapped being in the car. I didn't feel bad about it that time since a.) there was an entire parking lot of handicapped spaces not being used, and b.) while she's not the one who applied for the handicap permit my in-law is getting old and the way she walks she's practically handicapped herself.

Sometimes on the news there is a bit about how easy it is to get a permit. Apparently you just need a doctor to sign off on it. One of the doctors was an eye doctor. If your handicap is that you can't see, why are you driving anyway?

Plump Pigeon said...

That really irritates me, when i see someone park in a disabled space and they hop out of the car and skip off into the shop, clearly not disabled!

How lazy do you have to be to not walk the extra twenty yards into the shop from a non-disabled parking space?

On the other hand, i am completely against parent and child parking spaces. Why should they get to park nearer to the shop just cuz they have spawned a brat? (its not as if its difficult...)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Since I have to be driven (the passing out while driving thing scared the DMV - wimps!), nothing more frustrating than the car in front of you with an AB picking the wheelchair space because it is perfect for his oversized SUV. So far my solution of focusing my mind rays to make his head explode has not worked so sure, let's try the protest thing.

Myself, I think a sort of rollerblade or videodrome element should be involved with one out of every 20 non-disabled abusers of spaces being put in televised abuse matches (like American gladiators where people in wheelchairs get to fire sponge balls at 200 mph at their head and stuff like that). But then, I've never been a patient person.

Philip. said...


I don't know what is going to happen at the protest. Someone emailed me about it and I just put their words on my blog.

There is a hell of a lot of abuse of the system. Often people 'borrow' relatives or friends blue badges and use them to park where only genuine disabled people should.

There's also a great deal of abuse of shopping centre spaces which generally aren't policed.

The whole system needs tightening up!

Philip :-)

Philip. said...

Got to sat Elizabeth has come up with some great ideas - LOL :-)

Stephen said...

right on. wish i was in london, i'd be right there with you, egging or whatever. but i'm here in portland, maine usa, dealing with the morons in my own neck of the woods.

Ollie Jones said...

If I have time (not to often) I let their tyres down as this isn't a criminal offence in the UK. I have a small tool I got from a tube of slime which undoes the Strada valve and lets the air out quickly. Other times I have parked up, blocking the offending car and gone off to do my shopping, The police can't tow me away/ can't clamp me as long as I display my Blue badge. When I come back (much later) the other driver gets a right bolocking from me and looks a complete dick in the process.

If they want to use the spaces I can't stop them, but I can temporarily disable them in them in the process.

Random Tandem said...

That's awesome! Let me know what happens! I wish they'd do something like that in the town I live in...