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Saturday, 2 June 2007

have you ever had a problem booking tickets for a show?

An avid fan of The Police says wheelchair-bound concertgoers are treated like second-class citizens because they're not permitted to book tickets online.

But Calgary's Janice ter Borg, her brother Glenn, a brother-in-law and a friend, won't miss the reunion concert in Edmonton tonight.

However, they might have to sit in different sections.

"It's really unfortunate. My poor brother is embarrassed and feels bad that it's because of him that we can't all enjoy the concert together," ter Borg told Sun Media.......

Here's the story in full.

By the way, I prefer to do it by phone and am lucky enough to be going to see The Police this coming October :-)


laughingattheslut said...

That doesn't make any sense. You'd think you'd just be able to type in a request for handicapped seating and you'd be directed to right sections. You would think that would be one of those things that computers are supposed to make easier for everybody.

Ah Kiong said...

The Police ?!

laughingattheslut said...

About ten years ago we went to California to visit some inlaws and do some tourist stuff. We decided we wanted to try to go to The Price Is Right. So we wrote and sent a stamped envelope and all of that, and they sent us back tickets and instructions. And there was a number to call if you had a large group or if someone in the group was handicapped or something.

The inlaws didn't want to go, so it was just the two of us. So no large group, and no handicapped people. So we didn't call the number, cause we're not a**holes, and the phone number is just for people who really need help with something.

So we got up in the middle of the night to drive from the inlaw's place near Riverside to I think Burbank where they film the show. When we got there, we just thought that we would be able to see where to go, because there would be a lot of other people doing the same thing. But we didn't see anyone. So we drove around until we saw a security guard, and he told us that the show had been canceled a few days before that because Bob Barker wasn't feeling well. And I guess everyone knew that, but we didn't, cause we tried not to be a**holes and we didn't call the number.

Snoskred said...

Hello there. ;) Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog and what a nice surprise to come here and find that I like yours too. I'm adding you to my google reader and links list in the sidebar.

As far as shows, I don't really get to concerts very often. I believe the last one I went to was Robbie Williams a few years ago, as it happens I'm really going back into the mental filing cabinet to try and remember if that really was the most recent one. Where I live now to see a concert would be a 2 hour drive to Sydney and usually an overnight stay there because for some strange reason they don't have concerts during the day?!?

I hope you enjoy The Police and I look forward to reading about it in October, which I will because you're in my google reader now.. ;)


dmarks said...

I know well the experience of trying to find wheelchair places at events and shows.

Thanks for reading and posting on my blog. Glad to have you!

Anonymous said...

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