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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Quality of blogs

I read so many blogs that have brilliant posts, some of which go into fine detail on the subject matter.

I often feel ashamed because mine are often just blabberings.

So, does it matter? Does a blog always have to be intellectual or can it be just random thoughts and gobbledygook???


some chick said...

Howdy back!

By the way, it looks to me like you just are missing a foot. xxoo

laughingattheslut said...

Some blogs have a purpose, a goal. Mine started out being a place to make fun of a certain Homewrecking-slut. I decided that I didn't want to spend that much of my time writing about her. Besides, how much of your time to you want to spend reading about her? So I mostly write other things.

It's your life, and it's your blog. Write whatever you want to. I have a post about cleaning out the frig. And the trash that came out of the frig is probably more interesting than the Homewrecking-slut anyway.

Snoskred said...

No, it doesn't have to be intellectual - in fact too much intellectual and I'm probably going to zone out. It's your blog, so usually I like to hear about the person, their thoughts, what they do, stuff like that. ;)


Philip. said...

Heh chick, you're so right, but missing a leg sounds much better - LOL

Laughing - I shall look up your post on the fridge, sounds much more interesting than the slut!

snoskred - I will try telling s few stories about myself :-)

Anonymous said...

Write what you want as long as it's clean, I couldn't care less.

laughingattheslut said...

The post about the frig is old, and you'd never find it


If you want something really useful from the same time period


funny that got a new comment last week. The original post was from January

Plump Pigeon said...

Gobbledegook rules! People that do 'intellectual' posts that are all about politics just send me to sleep.

Random Tandem said...

For my answer to this question, please refer to my name...