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Friday, 6 April 2007

Our tight fisted government should pay for this!!!!

KIND-HEARTED fundraisers will this weekend launch a bid to buy a disabled girl a wheelchair.

Hartlepool-born youngster Shelby Grainger-Deighton suffers with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Her condition means she cannot walk, can only feed herself with support and sometimes struggles to make herself understood.

Every weekend the five-year-old,who lives in Stockton,comes to stay at the home of Hartlepool mum Sharon Llewellyn and her family.

And on Monday Sharon and her friends will launch a drive to raise enough cash to get Shelby a new wheelchair..........


It's a local story for me as I spent most of my life in Stockton on Tees but I dare say the same is happening all over the country.

Note to Tony Blair - stop spending millions on missiles - reallocate it instead to disabled youngsters!!!


Beki said...

My producer is running the London Marathon to raise money for whizzkids that provides high tec wheelchairs for kids that the nhs don't provide.

I'm sure Gordon Brown will try to appease everyone by introducing wheelchairs for all who need them...with a built in missile launcher attached.

Philip said...

Beki - don't get me talking about the greedy grabbing bas*&^* called Gordon Brown.

Can't stand the man and his stealth taxes!!!!

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