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Friday, 6 April 2007

Quick post - things that fizz in your mouth?????

Just a quickie.

I remember as a child, some 25 years ago, that I used to eat a powder that fizzed and popped in your mouth.

Can't remember for the life of me what it was though - aarrghhhhhh!!!!

While I'm on the topic of sweets from the past, anyone remember Tudor crips? (OK, I know they are a savoury snack and not a sweet but lets not get pedantic).

Also, Sherbert Fountains - haven't seen them for years.

Off to reminisce about the good old days.


Timmargh said...

Wasn't it something like Moondust or Stardust? I seem to remember a chocolate bar with it in, too.

Can't remember the crisps, though.

d said...

In the States we called them Pop Rocks...can still buy them,one of my dogs loves them. (so do I)

Philip said...

Space dust - that's the one!! - Cheers :-)

I can just imagine the dogs face the first time (s)he tried them.

Madmarky :-) said...

And the sherbert fountains m they are gorgeous and still available at good old supermarkets, morrisons have them i know that cos thats where i buy them from :)

Philip said...

Madmarky - how old are you????

Sherbert fountains are for the younger generation - LOL

Madmarky :-) said...

hey i only 35 lol :) but they do say ya only as old as the lady ya feelin...makes me 25 :)

Philip said...

Respect marky!!! :-)

Beki said...

Space dust - I almost choked to death on it in the Isle of Man when I was on holiday as a nipper.

Who said the isle of Man was dull??!

Kim & Sophie said...

I remember Pop Rocks! You can get Mini Eggs that have poping things in them too now!