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Monday, 9 April 2007

To sell or not to sell???

So, the papers today are full of the personal sories of the captured marines with sources (whoever those sources are) saying that the woman involved has been paid over £100,000.

So, is it a good or bad thing, should they or shouldn't they be allowed to profit or is it all in bad taste?

I can't yet make up my mind as to where I stand. I appreciate that there is free speech but kind of think it is a bit demeaning.

Not saying I wouldn't do it though if some old hack offered me £100k for my story!!



Rosanella said...

I don't know about her personal finantial circumstances, but if she's not very well off, I don't see why not. She's a mother in the forces who needs to think about her pension (if she survives another war healthy or otherwise), and the wellfare of her daughter especially considering the criticism she's received. It's about survival, one thing this soldier knows quite well.

By the way, great job on your Blog and Good Luck in your future Blogging


Philip said...

Hi Rosanella and thanks for your kind words, blogging is pretty new to me and I am just getting used to it.

I completely see your point, why shouldn't she look after herself if she has been offered huge sums of money!

Joe Blogger said...

It has certainly all backfired now.

I bet the sailors wished they hadn't been so greedy.