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Monday, 9 April 2007

Willy facts

I got onto the subject of animal penises on youreble (don't ask me how) and then googled for some facts. Check these out -

  • The record for the world's largest penis is held by the world's largest mammal, the blue whale, which has an organ just over ten feet long and one foot in diameter.
  • Among land mammals, giraffes have erections reaching four feet long, while elephant erections can reach five or six feet.
  • One enterprising biologist has even gone as far as to calculate the average weight of an elephant penis--59.5 pounds (with testicles at 4.4 pounds each).
  • Pigs have corkscrew-shaped penises; the male pig makes semirotary motions to literally screw himself into his mate.
  • Dragonflies have shovel-shaped organs designed to scoop any previously deposited rival semen out of a female.
  • Male bees (drones) have alarming-looking genitals. Even more alarming is the fact that they explode. Once the drone has mated with a queen bee in flight, his genitals burst with a pop that can be heard some distance away.
This one I particularly like this one -
  • Barnacles have developed a penis to help solve their immobility problem. Once it's glued itself to something solid, a male barnacle is stuck for life; however, its penis is commonly 150 percent longer than its body and is able to snake out and molest any female within striking distance.

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