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Monday, 7 May 2007

Life without a computer

I was just thinking back to the 70's and 80's - reminiscing after I had heard Video Killed The Radio Star on my local station and I wondered how we ever managed without computers, email and the internet. God, life must have been so boring, our evenings and weekends must have been so unfulfilled. How on earth did we fill our time before MSN, gmail and blogging became widespread??

All in all, our lives must have been dull!!

Well, mine wasn't at all. I look back to those years with a sense of regret that they still aren't here. Not just because I was endowed with two legs in those days but because everything seemed much more innocent. Music was better and to a great extent so was the tv.

So, if anyone ever invents a time machine, please email me an invite back to '79

Check this out, you'll like it :-)


Ruth said...

Great video! I miss some of the really good TV shows from years ago, like MASH - it seems every year that goes by more and more tasks are delegated to the computer, including watching movies (Netflix streaming) now. Does get to be overkill!

Philip. said...

I used to love MASH. The shows were great in those days.

You're right Ruth, we need computers for everything nowadays.

Try keeping children happy if they don't have a PC!

The Lamb said...

Hi Philip,

If you do invent a time machine, send me an invite too, please. 1979 was definitely a good year.

Philip. said...

Hi Lamb :-)

It certainly was a good year.

I'm working on the design of the machine - LOL