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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

So this is summer!!

Grey, miserable, damp, dark - yuk.

Welcome to a British summer day.

What's it like where you live?


krishanna said...

Sunny, 98 degrees, 100% humidity- BLeeeeargh

Stephen said...

sorry, it's sunny and warm here in maine. my son goes to university in glasgow, and he appreciates coming home, if only for the weather.

Gledwood said...

As you did thankfully specify a British summer's day!!
This is a right entertaining blog. It's nice to read something from one of my fellow countrymen for a change. I have to say lately I've been meeting a lot more Brit bloggers but there was a time a few months ago when EVERYONE online appeared to be American. I've no idea why ....
I did see your other blogs and thumbs up if you're getting away with it I'm not saying anything else but you know how funny they can be ... I thingied some of your whatsits but of course I'm not even allowed to ask if you come to mine you reciprocate, know what I mean..
ho-hum I'm at gledwood2.blogspot if you wanna drop by you're most welcome.
All the best 2u
"vol 2" ...

Plump Pigeon said...

its exactly the same where i am, being a fellow Brit. Yay for and english summer, now get your kagool on!

evil-e said...

Cleveland OH, It started off very humid and warm this morning, thunderstorms moved in and left. It is now a pleasant 75 degrees and the sun has come out.

Philip. said...

Sound pretty nice in the States.

At least it is a bit fairer here today.

laughingattheslut said...

It's going to be in the 90s here most of the week. But it has rained so much around here lately.

Yesterday some people about fifty miles north of here had a terrible flood. Three people died. People had to be rescued from rooftops and everything.

Philip. said...

Still pretty miserable here in the UK :-(

andrea said...

Ach, you're making my heart break, Philip! Nothing perks us up like some cool, cloudy weather (-:

Getting into the hot, humid season over here, 30° - 40°C (86° - 104°F). I would love to get away from the stultifying, oppressively bright sun! Nicest summer weather we ever found was in the UK.

Maybe we should swap homes for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Today it is HOT HOT HOT... oh and add some mugginess in there. 98F.

I have no AC and this is one day that I am glad to be at work were there is AC.