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Saturday, 16 June 2007

If you would be so kind :-)

A good friend of mine has a book of his up for nomination.

If anyone feels like voting for it I would be most grateful :-)

The address for voting is here and the book is North Yorkshire 199 - Richard Jemison et al

Many thanks in avance.



Plump Pigeon said...

There you are, i just voted for it. Jeez, i go away for a few days, and theres millions of posts to read!!

Random Tandem said...

I did my part... is it only a one time voting or can we go back every 24 hours?

Philip. said...

Thanks to the 2 of you :-)

You can only vote once from the same PC.

Anonymous said...

I thought the idea was you read the book before voting - isn't that the fair way - otherwise the book will end up with more votes than copies sold.

Philip. said...

I presumed that people would google for it to get a flavour of what the book is about :-)

Anonymous said...

it's cheating and if he wins will he ever live with the pain of knowing he only got it by a fiddle - If I wrote a book I wouldn't want to win that way.

Philip. said...

I'll let him worry about the pain of winning :-)